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As you all know, plywood is a very important material for the construction and building industry. It is a product required for the realization of many processes required for the construction industry such as plywood furniture making, plywood wall covering.

Of course, plywood is a very high-quality product. Therefore, it is used in many sectors including homes, furniture, the maritime sector, vehicle floors.

Sveza Plywood is known as the world's leading plywood brand. It was established in Russia in 1997. Sveza's group of companies produces plywood by processing birch, which is exclusive to Russians and occupies a very high position within the wood processing market.

Another reason that this plywood brand is preferred the most is that it does not use any harmful material in plywood products. It produces plywood panels made from 100% natural birch wood.

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Sveza plywood is a successful company that has made the most mention in the plywood sector. Since the plywood products obtained by using birch are quite high quality and durable, many plywood brands prefer Sveza and show their satisfaction by purchasing them one by one.

As Matho, we provide you with the best, most durable, and highest quality Sveza plywood supply in cooperation with Sveza.

We produce Sveza and deliver it to you. As rapidly growing and proving a success in the world market, Sveza is among the reliable plywood brands.

So why Sveza Plywood Specifications? Let us examine.

  • Sveza produces plywood using 100% birch.
  • It produces 1.4 million cubic meters of wooden panels per year.
  • Plywood exports to 80+ countries.
  • There are more than 200 kinds of plywood products.

As you can see, Sveza plywood has the title of a company that has proven itself to more than 80 countries and has ISO 9001 quality certification. Sveza Plywood is used in all areas. To these areas;

  • Construction industry
  • Olympic facilities
  • Fast trains
  • Furniture making
  • Interior design
  • Skyscraper design

It is used safely in many areas.

Sveza uses the most advanced production materials and control machines. To these; RAUTE (Finland) uses peeling and drying lines, Schelling and Holzmann (Germany) cutting machines, Hashimoto (Japan) surface coating and joining equipment, and Steinemann Sanding machines. ( Switzerland).

Each equipment selected is chosen among the machines produced by the best quality companies that do their job best. As a result, Sveza Plywood branded products are produced.

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Birch plywood is a type of plywood obtained using birch. Sveza Plywood uses birch plywood because it is the most common tree-type birch tree in Russia and the strength of this tree is known to the whole world.

Sveza Birch uses Plywood because;

  • It is at least 20% more durable plywood than other plywood models.
  • It has at least 2.5 times stronger structure than other plywood types.
  • It is very resistant to water and moisture.
  • It does not corrode.
  • It can be preferred with peace of mind in the interior and exterior.

That's why Sveza is the first company that comes to mind when plywood brands are mentioned. Our brand, which works with an understanding that never compromises on quality, is a company that produces disciplined and fast production.

Sveza UV Birch Plywood

As you can see, plywood types can be used in any field. To put it more accurately, plywood with different features is produced for different usage areas. For example, in the area where you will use plywood, UV-protected plywood should be taken as it will be exposed to UV rays.

Sveza Uv birch plywood is a very durable and long-lasting product.

There are many plywood brands in the world. However, the type of wood used in plywood production and the plywood processing process is very important. Therefore, if you are researching plywood brands, Sveza is definitely a brand you should keep in mind.

As we mentioned above, it is the leader among Russian plywood manufacturers brands in the world and its product range is over 200.

When the quality is taken into consideration, it serves its customers at an affordable price. As Matho Plywood, our cooperation with Sveza plywood is realized by considering the satisfaction of our customers.

Because our customers should always have the best quality and most durable products at affordable prices. Sveza Plywood prices have been created with you in mind and have been determined so as not to force your budget.

Sveza Plywood's weight varies. As you know, plywood weights vary according to plywood thickness. In this context, the weight of Sveza Plywood also varies.

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There are 2 types of Sveza plywood. These are divided into 2 as flat surface and hexa pattern. These plywood varieties are made in a way that their edges are very durable and will not be damaged in contact with water. Also, its resistance to abrasion is increased by using acrylic paint for its edges.

Please contact us for 2021 Sveza Plywood prices. We will be waiting for you for the choices you will never regret. Matho Plywood is the best plywood supplier in Europe.


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