Melamine Birch Plywood

The type of fi lm used determines main types of film faced plywood we produce: plywood with phenol films and plywood with melamine films. There are also a few additional brands directed to specific groups of clients.



Melamine Birch Plywood

Colored Melamine birch plywood or melamine birch plywood is mainly used in furniture industry. This color plywood is preferred for furniture products in different colors and sizes.

Melamine birch plywood, known as colorful plywood.

Melamine Plywood Technical Specifications

Wood Birch, Hardwood, Poplar
Thickness 3, 4, 6,5, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30 mm
Density Birch 640-700kg/m³ – Hardwood 630kg/m³ – Poplar 400kg/m³
Colors White, Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Grey, many types of wooden colours.
Surface Melamine Film
Glue Interior, Exterior
Standard Size  2500*1250mm – 2440*1220mm

Birch Plywood is manufactured under the name of STO 00255177-001-2013 Birch veneered general purpose plywood.

Melamine coated colored Plywood panel;

  • It is a plywood coated with abrasion resistant colored films.
  • It is used with smooth or grilled surfaces.

Typically, wood kitchen cabinets, agricultural buildings, interior decoration, furniture, and also all applications where a light colored surface is required, wooden playground material, seating benches, children’s playground, playground toys are suitable for use in many sectors.

The standard plywood plate is called special paper-film impregnated with pressed plywood resin. Depending on the type of resin used to impregnate paper, we distinguish between phenolic films and melamine films. The film pressing process is carried out at elevated temperatures and under high pressure.

The resin in the film penetrates the wood, forming a very tight bond with the plywood plate underneath. The type of film used determines the main types of film faced plywood we produce: phenol film plywood and melamine film plywood. There are several additional brands that are directed to specific customer groups.

You can contact with us for plywood types and plywood prices. Our all plywood types has different prices. Because all of them is passing different manufacturing process. So it is also good to communicate with our customers for giving detail information about our plywood products.

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