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Plywood is a forest product which is used in many sectors for different purposes. Therefore, the area of use is quite wide. Accordingly, plywoods with different properties are produced from many different trees. Plywood sheets are produced from different trees such as poplar, birch, beech and pine for different areas. Plywood thickness also varies according to the area to be used. Plywood dimensions may also vary. The plywoods, which are cross-linked or joined in parallel, are combined and dimensioned for different uses. Today, as Bayou Matho, we will tell you about the plywood usage areas and the advantages of plywood. Bayou Matho is the best plywood supplier company known all over the world.
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Usage Areas of Plywood

Plywood is one of the most versatile construction materials. This inexpensive and durable building material is formed by chopping the wood and thinning it into layers and bonding these layers together. Plywood has many uses, not only where you work, but a lot of materials around you. Consequently, the usage area of ​​plywood is becoming more and more widespread. There are many reasons why the usage of plywood is widespread. The most important reason for this is that it is a very advantageous product. The advantages of plywood are numerous.

  • Durable
  • Robust
  • strong
  • Robust and flexible at the same time
  • Does not swell in contact with water

As mentioned above, plywood product has many advantages. Plywood varieties are quite high. There are many kinds of plywood such as poplar plywood, birch plywood, marine plywood, pine plywood, flexible plywood, beech plywood.

Where is plywood used?

From flooring, walls, kitchen cabinets to furniture, this wonderful material used in the construction world adds convenience and elegance to our lives.

Plywood is widely used in;

  • Wehicle Soundproofing
  • Plywood Flooring
  • Plywood Walls
  • Roofing Plywood
  • Plywood for Commercial Wehicles
  • Van Flooring
  • Plywood For Vans
  • Plywood For Trains
  • Train Flooring
  • Plywood For Concrete Formwork
  • Trailer Flooring
  • Plywood For Buses
  • Bus Flooring

Plywood has varying degrees of strength and properties depending on what the user wants. Indeed, this remarkable material is an indispensable product of construction projects.

One of the most important features of the plywood product is its soundproofing. Due to its soundproofing, it is common to use plywood in houses and vehicles. In the same way, plywood is frequently used for parquet flooring. Because it does not wear easily and does not fade. It is durable for a long time.

Plywood is often used for roofing. Due to its waterproof property, it is one of the most sought after products on roofs.

Plywood is often used as a floor covering product for trains and buses. Because it is both economical and very durable. In this way, the train and bus floors used by many people at the same time can be used for many years without aging.

For trailer flooring the plywood is a perfect solution. Because trailer flooring should be robust and strong. It requires the best solution for this application area.

Plywood has many advantages. We are mentioning about characteristics of plywood here. That's why we're going to tell you about the six best known advantages of plywood.

Benefits of plywood:

  • Aesthetic appearance is quite beautiful.

Since plywood is a natural wood product, it always looks natural and beautiful. This is one of the most important advantages of plywood. Wouldn't you like to welcome them with a great look when your guests arrive? We're sure you will. Your guests or customers coming to your company will admire your living space.

  • Plywood is Very strong material.

The reason we talk about the strength of plywood is that it is very durable. Even if used for many years, signs of wear and tear do not appear. And it is highly resistant to impacts. So plywood is a very strong product.

  • Plywood is a very durable product.

Plywood is durable because at least 3 layers of wood are thinned and glued together. Here you should note that it consists of at least 3 layers. Plywood layers and layers vary according to their usage areas.

  • Plywood is a very economical product.

It is a very nice advantage that a product that has a natural appearance is also cheap. As Bayau Matho, we provide you with the most durable and affordable price plywood supplies and add beauty to your living spaces.

  • Plywood is produced using recyclable / sustainable materials.

This is the most important point to be aware of here. Because plywood is a natural product and has the possibility to be recycled & sustainable after the end of its life. This is the most important feature of today's conditions. Who would not want to realize their projects with a recyclable product while the whole world is struggling with global warming?

  • Very resistant to water and moisture.

Water and moisture resistant plywood is used frequently for boat construction, especially in the marine industry. We don't think you can find a more humid environment from the sea. That's why you see how durable the plywood is. Would plywood be used in boat construction if it wasn't durable?

Plywood is a product that can be produced / made with many kinds of trees. After the trees are cut, they are chopped and processed with fine workmanship. Plywoods prepared in thin layers are assembled together using resin and adhesive. Plywood produced in layers is thickened or thinned according to the sector in which it will be used.

As mentioned above, plywood is produced from many types of trees. Different types of plywood are formed by using durable and robust body trees such as poplar, beech, pine and birch.

  • Pine plywood
  • Poplar Plywood
  • Beech plywood
  • Birch Plywood
  • Okoume Plywood
  • Flexible Plywood
  • Marine Plywood
  • Meranti Plywood

As you can see, plywood is obtained from many trees. In some sectors where plywood is used above, we have also shared with you the names given to plywood. Marine plywood is used in marine sector as the name suggests. Used for boat construction. Please contact us for more information about this kind of plywood.

Bayou Matho is the best plywood supplier company in the world.

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