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Plywood is a decorative processed wood material that is widely used. Being decorative makes it easy to use in many different areas. Plywood prices also vary accordingly. For example, marine plywood prices and interior plywood prices are different from each other.

Marine Plywood Prices List

2200 x 1700 mm Beech Plywood Price (4mm) € (Please contact for current prices.)
2200 x 1700 mm Beech Plywood Price (6mm) € (Please contact for current prices.)
2200 x 1700 mm Beech Plywood Price 8mm) € (Please contact for current prices.)
2200 x 1700 mm Beech Plywood Price (10mm) € (Please contact for current prices.)
2200 x 1700 mm Beech Plywood Price (12mm) € (Please contact for current prices.)
2200 x 1700 mm Beech Plywood Price (15mm) € (Please contact for current prices.)
2200 x 1700 mm Beech Plywood Price (18mm) € (Please contact for current prices.)
2200 x 1700 mm Beech Plywood Price (20mm) € (Please contact for current prices.)
2200 x 1700 mm Beech Plywood Price (25mm) € (Please contact for current prices.)
2200 x 1700 mm Beech Plywood Price (30mm) € (Please contact for current prices.)

Prices stated in the table above may vary. Please contact us for the most current and accurate prices. Besides, prices change as plywood sizes change. The above prices are valid for 2200mm x 1700mm. Please contact us to have detailed information about other plywood types and prices.

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Beech marine plywood is a type of plywood generally used in boat building in the maritime sector. Therefore, it is a type of plywood with high water resistance. And it is usually produced using birch and beech. Birch and beech are the most resistant to water and therefore the most suitable tree for marine plywood.

Beech marine plywood, each layer of which is specially adhered to with WBP glue (Phenol-Formaldehyde), can be used in applications that will contact with water for many years. Beech marine plywood can be produced in different sizes and can be produced in special sizes according to customer request. Standard beech marine plywood size is determined as 4 x 1700 x 2200 mm. It can be produced in thicknesses between 4mm and 30mm and plywood prices increase as the thickness increases.

Beech plywood is among the most preferred types of plywood for its many features. Beech plywood, also known as marine plywood, has different prices according to the layer thickness. As Matho, we supply plywood to all sectors that use plywood.

Plywood is used in many sectors for different purposes. If you ask where beech marine plywood is used, we can say that it is mostly used in boat construction in the maritime industry. Because beech plywood is one of the best resistant plywood types. Like birch plywood, beech plywood is also frequently used in the boat building industry.

The effective point here is the materials used in the production of plywood and the plywood layers. As the number of plywood layers increases, its price increases. Besides, as the number of plywood layers increases, its durability increases. However, each plywood layer must be processed very successfully. Each layer should be bonded flat and smooth so that the plywood quality is high.

Beech marine plywood is a type of plywood mostly used in the production of products in contact with water. Beech marine plywood, which is a very high-quality plywood type, can be used safely in many areas of our lives. Because of its superior durability, it can be used even in bad weather conditions.

Adhesives used in plywood production increase the quality of plywood. For example, WBP glue and MR glue are a type of plywood specially produced to maximize the quality of plywood. Besides, these glues can be an advantage for plywood if they are used properly. So mastery is required at every step in plywood production.

Each layer must be the same thickness and the adhesive in each layer must be spread evenly over the layers.

This type of plywood, which is generally used in furniture, construction, and decoration, is also known as outdoor plywood. If you want to make an outdoor application and want to buy durable plywood, you should definitely choose marine plywood. Marine plywood, also known as water plywood, can also be used in making billboards.

As you can see, water plywood, which is very suitable for outdoor use, should be produced without any gaps on the edges. In this way, the plywood edges will not absorb water, so it will be suitable for outdoor use.

Another thing you should pay attention to while buying plywood is that there should not be a miter opening in the plywood. In this way, there will be no gap between the plywoods you will put side by side.

To get detailed information about plywood types and plywood prices, all you have to do is review our website and contact us. Ad Matho Plywood we are one of the best plywood suppliers in Europe. Just contact us and see our advantageous prices.

Beech marine plywood prices vary according to the number of layers.

Beech marine plywood can be domestic and imported. Thanks to the WBP glue used in its production, plywood that is highly water-resistant and does not wear over time is obtained. There is also beech marine plywood produced using concrete glue on request. Beech marine plywood density is measured as 700/720 kg / m3. It is produced using 100% beech wood.

Special size beech plywood can also be made. For this, it is enough to contact us and specify the size you want. As you can see above, marine plywood, like other types of plywood, consists of different layers. As the number of layers increases, the thickness increases, and accordingly, beech plywood prices vary.

Sectors using beech plywood are quite numerous. It can be used in different sectors such as automotive, construction, boat building, furniture making, packaging, and advertisement board construction.

The most important feature to know for beech plywood is that it is resistant to boiling water for 72 hours. This provides you with detailed information on marine plywood durability.

18mm beech marine plywood is one of the most used sizes among the plywood varieties. This product, which is medium thickness and can be used for many sectors, is very durable. The most important reason for the plywood product to be preferred in an industry is that it is durable. Who wouldn't want to have a flexible and durable product?

Besides, due to its water resistance, a wooden product is used in the marine industry. This is a great advantage. Normally, wooden material is known to be water-resistant, but beech plywood has been made water-resistant with the studies and developing technology.

You can make great designs with 18mm beech marine plywood that you can use for many years with peace of mind.

The same situation and quality apply to 12mm beech marine plywood, 20mm beech marine plywood, and other varieties. Quality is never a coincidence. With Matho, you will be able to choose the highest quality and most durable marine plywood.

Marine plywood is also known as a water contract in the sector. It is named as water contract because it is water-resistant.

Waterproof plywood is another name for marine plywood known for its water resistance. Beech marine - Water plywood is produced using 100% beech wood. One of the most important reasons for using beech logs in water plywood production is that the beechwood is hard and durable. It is one of the most resistant tree species, beech wood. Therefore, it is used for making 18mm beech plywood.

Since the beech tree is very hard and durable, the plywood produced is also durable for many years. Therefore, beechwood has attracted the attention of plywood manufacturers over time and has begun to be used.

Also, if you are looking for the cheapest plywood varieties, beech plywood is for you. It is no surprise that its use is becoming widespread, as it is both a durable and inexpensive plywood variety.

So, do you know what are the things to consider when buying plywood? This is a very important issue. Because there are many plywood manufacturers and suppliers in the market. Here are the points that you should pay attention to while buying plywood for you.

  • When buying plywood first, pay attention to the number of layers. Plywood with very few and thin layers may not be suitable for its purpose.
  • Choose plywood with surface quality A quality.
  • The inner layer intervals should be equal to each other.
  • Pay attention to whether it has ISO 9001 quality certificates.

At this point, we recommend you to work with reliable companies. All plywoods in Matho have ISO 9001 quality certificate. We also recommend working with a socially responsible company. For the production of plywood, we recommend that you work with a company that plants seedlings as much as a tree and choose a company that does environmentally friendly works.

As Matho, we do our best to protect our forests and support the natural cycle by planting new ones instead of trees lost due to natural disasters such as forest fires or cut for product production.

We are working to leave a more livable world for future generations.

  • Find out which glue is used between the plywood layers you choose.

3 types of plywood can be used at this point. These;

  1. Urea-formaldehyde (Suitable for plywood to be used in closed areas.)
  2. Melamine formaldehyde (Moisture-resistant indoor plywood can be produced with urea-formaldehyde.)
  3. Phenol formaldehyde (When combined with WBP glue, plywood suitable for external conditions can be produced. Including water contract and beech marine plywood.)
  • Prefer plywood produced using single wood. It is not recommended to use single plywood d of different trees. If used, the plywood may have cracking problems.

Pay attention to the same conditions when buying marine waterproof plywood. It must be produced using WBP glue and must be resistant to boiling water for at least 72 hours. It is especially used in the construction of water contracts, namely marine plywood boats. It is an indispensable product of the decoration industry since it is a product that can be easily processed and shaped.


As you can see, beech marine plywood, water-resistant plywood, that is, the water contract is very durable and suitable for many years of use. It is an easy-to-handle, decorative, abrasion and impact resistant, water-resistant, and affordable plywood variety. Please contact us for 18mm beech marine plywood prices, 12mm beech marine plywood prices, 4mm beech marine plywood prices, beech plywood prices, and other plywood prices.

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