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Plywood is a wooden material made of many types of wood, glued with water and moisture-resistant glues and made of hard layers. Plywood has an incredible usage area all over the world. Especially in places where moisture and water can come into contact, water contras made of poplar plywood, birch plywood, beech plywood, and pinewood are used without exception.

Plywood is a harmless material. Plywood, which is produced entirely from natural trees, has no harm to health. Therefore, it can be used in many areas with peace of mind. For example, plywood is often used to build a boat. Because plywood, especially obtained from poplar and birch, is resistant to water and moisture. In this way, boat construction can be done with peace of mind.

Another common use of plywood material is hobby and craft. The hobby area usually consists of toys for children or people wanting to make some models. Having a hobby about a topic usually means doing things with your own hand. For example, the hobby material is suitable for making some models or tools that you want to make plywood. You can see the other plywood application areas click the link here. 

Poplar plywood is a product for the hobby industry. It is frequently used especially in toy making. The reason why our customers who demand poplar is to prefer this product is because they continue their business in this sector. Toys, hobby plywood materials made from poplar plywood are very robust. It is easy to handle and does not disintegrate in screws and similar applications.

The most important reason for choosing plywood for toys is that it is harmless to health. We all know that the health of our children is more important than anything else. So we have to be sensitive and careful about it.

Toys are a must for children. Because a child spends more than half of his day playing with toys. Toys should therefore be produced from materials that are harmless to health. Because children can put their hands in their mouths after they have handled the toys or they can take the toys directly into their mouths. So we have to be very careful when choosing toys. Plywood toys made of wood are the right toys for children. Please be careful about this.

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Poplar plywood is one of the most preferred products in the wooden toy industry. Then comes birch plywood. Poplar plywood is slightly lower in quality than birch. Therefore, toys made of birch plywood can be more expensive than poplar plywood. That's why people who deal with hobby plywood work generally prefer poplar plywood.

Hobby and craft plywood has different thicknesses and features. But the hobby is that you should not be too thick when buying plywood. Thick plywood hobby can make your work harder and you can't get the results you want. Therefore, you have to choose from soft and flexible plywood.

Wooden toys are especially useful in the development of intelligence of infants and children. This science is explained as follows. Trees are living beings and do not lose their vitality even if they are cut. On the trees always carries a sign of life. That's how our brains guide us. Therefore, children can more easily communicate with those entities with such vital signs. He accepts and feels toys more easily.

For example, children may feel the chirping of a bird that had already lived in that tree or feel the living veins of the tree. This is a great fit for kids. The sensibility of the tree prevents children from completely disconnecting from the real world.

The unique texture and smell of wood are impressive for children. Even adults like us have a different admiration for the smell of wood. The same applies to children. That's why hobby and craft plywood is a material that should be preferred for toys.

The poplar tree is a kind of willow tree. It is a tree that grows and grows very quickly. Poplar tree grows easily in many areas because it loves water. Poplar tree grows most in Canada in the world. Usually 30-40 meters in length, this tree species is a huge source of income for Canada.  

It is not preferred in the furniture sector because it is a kind of thin tree, but it is the most preferred hobby material in the toy industry.

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Note: beech, poplar, linden, maple, or birch trees can also be used in making toys or hobby products. 

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