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In our panels category; Fire Resistant MDF, Hardboard (backrest) Compacmel, and Solid Panels are the product types that are frequently used in different sectors and for different applications.

Fire-resistant MDF: As the name suggests, it is a wooden product that is used especially indoors and has a fire retardant effect in case of fire. MDF boards are frequently used in areas that require superior security. It is used in schools, hospitals, government offices, hotels, movie theaters, and similar public areas to prevent and delay chaos in the event of a natural disaster. Thanks to this product, which has the feature of non-flammability for a long time, the time required for fire intervention is gained and the loss of life and property is considerably reduced at this point.

Fire Resistant MDF Features

In the classification of fire-resistant products, it is known as M1, the product that does not spread the flame, and MDF appears as a product with very superior features at this point.

• Fireproof MDF has different surface coating types. It can be produced using surface coatings such as paper, melamine, and laminate.
• It can be produced in different sizes.
• There are 3 types under the name of B Firax, One Firax, and C Firax light. These are MDF types that are specially produced for use in dry areas and have different technical features.

Fire-resistant MDF Dimensions:

• 1220mm x 2440mm,
• 1220mm x 3050mm,
• 2100mm x 2850mm
(It can be produced in different sizes.)

What is Hardwood?

Hardwood(Duralite): It is a plate that is very simple to process and besides, it is very durable and can be used in different areas and sectors all over the world. It has less density than European standards when compared to a thin MDF. (-900 kg / m³)

General Features of Hardwood

• Both sides of the hardboard have the same resistance level.
• It has serrated on one side and smooth on one side.
• It is frequently used in painting works, furniture industry. (Sofa and bed production, frame backrest production, box production)
• Hardwood can be produced in different sizes.
• It is obtained by gluing (pressing) wooden wastes together.

The difference with plywood is quite obvious. When comparing plywood and hardwood, we see that hardwood has a smoother and flat surface. Besides, hardwood has a thinner wood structure than plywood. If you are wondering where to buy hardwood, all you have to do is contact us.

Please call us for detailed information about hardwood prices. We are particularly interested in your custom-size products and supply them meticulously. Since we work on a stock basis, we deliver your products to you as soon as possible and aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction.