Birch Plywood, Hexa Plywood, Wiremesh Plywood, Melamine Colored Plywood
Plywood, Pine Plywood, Okoume Plywood, Poplar Plywood, Beech Plywood, Spruce Plywood Between 3 mm and 50 mm

1525x1525mm, 2440x1220mm, 2500x1250mm, 1500x3000mm, 2145x4000mm Between 3mm and 50mm

In Turkish Plywood means ‘’Kontrplak’’.   In our country the Word of Kontrplak commonly uses for ‘’ Filmless Plywood ( Filmsiz Kontrplak), and the Word of Plywood uses for ‘’Filmfaces Plywood ( Filmli Kontrplak). Because of the these two words is so long the Filmfaced Plywood known as just ‘’plywood’’ in construction sector.

The layers are known as ply, product name "plywood" (plywood) takes from this root of the word. In general, the thicker the plywood, the more layers it has.

It has a superior resistant. (Birch Playwood) The strength of the plywood is due to the way in which the layer direction of each layer changes relative to the adjacent layers.

The direction of each layer is usually 90 degrees. This means that there is also an angle of 90 degrees between the other layers. However, the direction may be less than 30 degrees. In a thicker plywood, 7 layers can be arranged consecutively at 0 30 60 90 120 150 and 180 degree angles.

The plywood boards consist of three or more thin real wood veneer layers which are glued together.

The layers are known as ply, the product name "plywood" (plywood) takes from this root of the word. In general, the thicker the plywood, the more layers it has.

Furniture and Decoration, Construction, Automotive, Yacht, Packaging and many other applications in the industrial sector is a multi-faceted material.

Plywood is much stronger than some other wood-based sheet products such as medium density fiber board (MDF).

There are unlimited usage areas for interior and exterior..

Structure, construction sector as mold

In the floor industry as wall, floor, roof and stairs, parquet and parquet flooring.

Furniture Industry, Decoration and Special Design applications.

For indoor and outdoor environments where damp conditions, seaside and tropical climatic conditions are required

  • Kitchen Cabinet and Bathroom Cabinet Manufacturing
  • Industrial Wood Model Mold production,
  • Wooden Toy industry,
  • In yacht construction, Special Yacht Furniture,
  • Shipyards for shipbuilding
  • Durable Wooden Packaging Box production,
  • In the production of sports equipment,
  • Outdoor Garden Park Garden furniture,
  • Children's playgrounds
  • Automotive, Bus, Wagon industry
  • Wooden Hobby Home Industrial Designs

And many more indoor and outdoor applications

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